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 ADSP (Audio Digital Signal Processing)


Add an ADSP Filter Module to your Icom M802
Ham radio operators have been enjoying the benefits of ADSP for years - Now so can you.

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What is an ADSP Filter Module?

The ADSP Filter Module consists of a 37/8" L x 23/8" W x 25/8" H BHI ANEM MKII noise suppressing filter, 2.5 watt amplifier, and interconnecting cables.

What does the ADSP Filter Module do?

The ADSP Filter Module  removes noise and static from the audio signals as they travel from the Icom M802 radio to the Icom M802 speaker.  The ADSP Filter Module provides three important benefits:
  1. Improves your ability to hear weak signals. It does this by electronically removing atmospheric white noise, hiss, and static, and passing the voice signal, effectively "popping" the desired signal up above the background noise.
  2. Helps to eliminate "listener fatigue" caused by the constant din of atmospheric noise, hiss, and static.
  3. Provides filtered audio to your headphones. Built-in 3.5mm earphone plug  and speaker ON/OFF switch lets you listen to the same clear sound through your headphones or ear buds. .

Hear the DSP Difference.

Click on any of the files below to hear the DSP difference. These are actual randomly selected off-the-air examples received on DSR's SSB radios in Florida. The transmitting stations are from Gander Newfoundland, Colombia, Germany, and Japan. The files begin with DSP off, and then DSP is switched ON/OFF several times.

Gander Aeronautical





What the ADSP Filter Module doesn't do. While the ADSP Speaker Module eliminates atmospheric white noise, hiss, and static, and significantly improves your ability to hear the weak signals, it cannot correct problems caused by a poorly designed, maintained, or improperly installed SSB system. The ADSP Speaker Module eliminates noise from the audio coming out of the SSB radio. It does not prevent the SSB from receiving interference radiated by other onboard equipment (RFI), nor RF noise entering the radio through the antenna or power leads (not usually a problem with Icom Radios). This means that if you have a refrigerator, battery charger, ac inverter, etc., that shows as 2, 3, or 4 bars of noise on the radio's LCD display, you'll still have to turn that equipment off in order to receive weak (1-bar or less) incoming signals. 
How does the ADSP Filter Module connect to an Icom M802? The ADSP Filter Module uses the Icom SP-24 Speaker supplied with the radio, maintaining the Icom-designed aesthetics of your radio installation. 
  1. Unplug the Icom SP-24 M802 speaker from the main unit of the M802.
  2. Plug the 3.5 mm speaker extension cable into the speaker jack on the back of the Icom M802 main unit.
  3. Plug the other end of the 3.5mm speaker extension cable into the "Audio jack on the ADSP module.
  4. Plug the Icom SP-24 3.5mm plug into the "Audio Out" jack on the ADSP module.
  5. Connect the  fused 12 power cord to the vessels 12-24 vdc power.
  6. Turn the Icom M802 and ADSP module on.
  7. Select the level of DSP filtering you want (see ADSP manual for instructions).
  8. Enjoy......

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