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Previously-owned Pactor Modems and SSB's for Sale

From time-to-time used modems and SSB radios come to market. The previously owned equipment listed below is looking for a new vessel to take it to sea. If you're interested in a used Pactor modem or SSB, send the seller an e-mail or give them a call and find out if the modem or SSB they're selling meet your needs. 

Note: This listing service is open to customers who purchased their modem from DockSide Radio. DockSide Radio neither warrants, recommends, nor endorses the modems listed below. Neither does DockSide Radio make any representations as to the condition, functionality, serviceability, reliability, etc. of the listed items.


Modem Information Seller Contact Information
Modem Model Serial Number Pactor 4, Pactor-III Cables Included Number of
Type-31 FairRites Included
Bluetooth Name e-Mail Address Phone Number
Audio Freq. Control
DR-7400 010000163F456FA8 P4, P3, P2. P1 9090 8083 4 N John Dawson [email protected] Cables for M802/M803

Are you a DockSide Radio customer looking to place your modem in a new home? As part of DockSide Radio's service to customers who purchased their Pactor modem from DSR, we will list your used modem at no charge. Price negotiations are entirely between you the seller, and the buyer, so we do not include price information in the above listings. In return for listing your modem DockSide Radio requires that you, the seller, notify DSR by e-mail when the modem is no longer available for sale, and the price for which you sold the modem, cables, etc.

Updated 07 August 2022


SSB Transceiver or Antenna Tuner Information Seller Contact Information
SSB Model Antenna Tuner Model Tuner Control Cable Included Seller's Name e-Mail Address Phone Number
Yes / No
M710 - s/n 2105193 AT-130 s/n 64408 Yes Mark Bracefield [email protected] 352.547.0887
M710 Cast Aluminum Panel Mount Used   DockSide Radio [email protected] 941.661.4498
AT-140 $299+ Shipping
Like new - Used
No DockSide Radio [email protected] 941.661.4498

Updated 07 August 2022

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