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When passage making, one of the best resources for getting news from home is shortwave (SW) radio. There are fourteen SW bands of frequencies set aside for commercial broadcasting. Of these fourteen SW bands, the six bands of most useful world-wide frequencies are:
SW Band: 48 Meters 31 Meters 25 Meters 22 Meters 19 Meters 16 Meters
Frequency (MHz): 5.9 - 6.2 9.4 - 9.9 11.6 - 12.1 13.5 - 13.9 15.1 - 15.8 17.4 - 17.9

Note: Times and frequencies for specific stations can be found by searching the Internet. Examples of search results are www.shortwaveradio.com\ www.shortwave.be & www.earthsignals.com/swfreqs.htm

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