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Enabling the Icom M803 Extended Transmit /  Amateur  Mode*

* Amateur Radio General Class license or higher required for transmitting on Ham Bands.

No FCC license required for listening on Amateur Radio frequencies.

  1. Turn OFF Radio

  2. Simultaneously press and hold the 2, RX/TX, and MENU buttons, while powering ON  the M803

  3. Continue to depress the 2, RX/TX, and MENU  buttons until the radio show's its normal operating screen

  4. When  complete, AMATEUR will appear on the upper left portion of the M803's display.


Operating the Icom M803 in the Extended Transmit / Radio Amateur Mode*

  1. Power the M803 ON.
  2. Press RX/TX key.
  3. Dial in the desired simplex RX/TX frequency (rotate the large CH/GRP knob until the M803 screen shows the targeted frequency).

  4. Begin transmitting.


  1. Position the cursor over the column to be changed using the or arrow keys located either side of the ENT key.

  2. Dial-in the desired number using the large CH/GRP knob.
  3. Continue this process changing each column until the M803 dial display shows the desired frequency.
  4. Begin transmitting.

Note: Press the Press RX/TX key to dial-in a different frequency.

2021 DockSide Radio


2021 DockSide Radio