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Replacing an installed  M802 with an M803


Whether or not lightning "took out" your M802, or you're just upgrading to the M803, here are the issues to consider when replacing your existing  M802  with an M803:

  1. If the M802 control head is flush-mounted, the existing hole hole into which the M802 control head fits will have to be enlarged about 1 28/32" in length, and about 1/8" inch in height. 
  2. The molex-style connector on the radio end of the M802 antenna tuner control cable will need to be changed to a 4-pin in-line molex-style connector, or the cable will have to be replaced with an OPC-1465 Antenna Tuner Control Cable.
  3. I suggest that you keep the SP-24 M802 speaker (I don't like the sound quality produced by e built-in speaker) Like the M802, the  SP-24 plugs into the M803 Main Unit.

Other than the issues cited above, making the change is basically plug-and-play:

  1. The existing AT-140, AT-130, AT-120, tuner works properly with the M803 (no need to buy a new tuner unless it's lightning or water damaged).
  2. The existing M802 DC power cable plugs directly into the M803 (no rewiring required)
  3. The M803 main unit is built on the same chassis & case as the M802 (It fits where the existing M802 Main Unit is mounted).

As with the M802, DockSide radio finds that it's necessary for us to reprogram the User Group Frequency Database (the stock database when shipped is missing important Marine and Ham Band  frequencies, and contains some relatively useless frequencies.). We also enable speech compression, and change several of the radio's key settings.

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