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Note: These links are vetted at the time they're added to this list, but they are not tested on a scheduled basis . Please notify us by e-mail if/when you find a link that's broken.

World-wide Search & Rescue Contact List

ITU (International Telecommunications Union) SAR Ship Database
MMSI MID (First 3-digits) Country Desiginator
Net Links
Baja Net


Cruisheimers Net
Mañana Net


Pacific Seafarers Net

Southbound Net (West Coast)
Waterway Radio Cruising Club
Amateur/Ham Radio Study & License Testing Resources
ARRL (American Radio Relay League)
Gordon West Radio School
Ham Test Online
Icom Firmware Revisions
All XCVR's & Rcvrs
RF Interference

Jim Corenman's* excellent article on SSB RF "grounding", and suppressing/preventing RF interference.
*Jim Corenman is the author of the Airmail Program
Reset Radio's CPU
Yaesu ??
USCG Vessel Documentation
USCG Documentation Center
Vessel Search
Chris Parker
Battery Pack (NiCd/NiMH/Li-ion) Replacement or Rebuilding
Batteries America


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